Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Throughout the north west of England


Tree pruning is usually carried out to keep trees to a manageable size, to increase light levels in gardens and houses, to keep them away from roads and overhead cables and to ensure they remain visually attractive.

Our expert tree surgeons are trained and qualified appropriately for the work they undertake, in particular for chainsaw and tree climbing operations.

We work in line with industry best practice to use pruning techniques that will leave your trees with a natural appearance wherever possible.

Most streets contain one or more ‘topped’ trees, which have been simply sliced off at a desired height. This results in an unnatural appearance and leads to heavy sprouting at the cut ends which in turn will require additional remedial pruning in future years.

The arboriculture industry now recommends ‘natural target pruning’ methods which enable the height and spread of a tree to be reduced in a more sympathetic way, leading to a more natural appearance and improved tree health.

Our specialist tree pruning and tree care services include the following

Crown reduction reduces the overall size of a tree

Crown reduction also helps in maintaining as natural an appearance as possible. If carried out in the best interests of the tree, no more than 30% of a tree’s photosynthetic area is removed at any one time

Crown thinning retains the overall size of a tree

Crown thinning also helps to thin the outer canopy. This reduces the density of foliage and wind resistance of the tree while allowing more light to pass through the canopy.

Crown lifting involves removing the lower branches

Crown lifting is typically caried out to allow space for pedestrians or vehicles. Often carried out where large trees overhang roads used by buses or HGVs.

Dead wooding removes dead branches from the tree

Dead-wooding is usually carried out as part of normal pruning work. Dead branches occur naturally in trees and are normally removed to reduce the risk of them falling from the tree

Advice on pests, diseases, fungi, and other tree-related issues

We are also happy to complete the paperwork necessary for works to trees with Protection Orders or those situated in Conservation Areas.

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